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I post mostly about RL things these days, but occasionally a fannish thing or two sneaks in. I used to write fanfic, but I find it very difficult to actually finish anything these days, although I do still try and occasionally succeed. I drink a lot of tea, cuddle my kitties, and bake biscuits and other things with varying levels of success.

I'm far older than 18, married, by choice no children. And no, that is not something I'm going to regret ever, and I don't understand why it's apparently okay for women with children to say that to me, when it's not okay for me to say to them that I think they'll regret having children. I much prefer my cats, thanks.

On Friending: Oh, DO go ahead! The more the merrier. If you friend me first, I'll take a look at your journal and more often than not I'll friend you back. I just want to get an idea of who you are first. If your posts are nothing but memes or LoudTwitter and the like, I'm unlikely to friend back, though. If you're under the age of 17 please say so!

I'm somewhat of a random friender. I like adding people to my flist. If I friended you and you don't know who I am, then you have probably done/written/drawn something I really, really like, and you may count me as a fan. I don't expect you to friend me back, but I tend to feel very honored and proud if you decide to do so. :) Or maybe I've just seen your username in the posts or comment sections on other people's LJs enough times to get interested.

My journal is Friends Only, but as I in most cases friend back, don't let that deter you. I just like to keep some track on who sees my stuff and who doesn't. If you want to be added, you can introduce yourself on this post

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I typically make the images for my layouts myself using royalty free images from Stock Xchng. If I'm using images others have made, credit for them will be found here, or in the case of icons as a comment to same.

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